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Naked in the Woods - by Nina Rose

Nate and I have been talking about how fun it would be to have a game of “Predator and Prey” in the woods. We’ve had so many HOT orgasms talking about this fantasy, and I want to make it a reality.
Naked in the Woods - by Nina Rose
Photo by Eric Muhr / Unsplash

My girlfriends and I ring in the first weekend of Summer with a camping trip, it’s a long-standing tradition. We love to run around fully nude, but this year feels different because my partner Nate and I have been talking about how fun it would be to have a game of “Predator and Prey” in the woods. We’ve had so many HOT orgasms talking about this fantasy, and I want to make it a reality. I told Nate that the chase should be a surprise, and that I trust him, and I feel like he will be able to track me on the longest day of the year in June …


As darkness finally falls, I am a little wine drunk. I tell my friends I am going to “meditate” under the full moon. No one bats an eye; they stay by the fire and I venture deeper into the forest, basking in the moonlight. I stop to take a piss. I’m wearing a short, thin sundress, and I take it off completely to squat and pee on the earth. I love peeing outside like this. I am looking down at my own golden stream when I see a boot step on my dress. By the time I look up his strong gloved hand is tight over my mouth and he's pulling me to standing. He walks me a few feet behind the tree; my thighs are wet with piss and pussy juice, I’m so turned on—excited and scared!

Rinsing off after a little private time ...

“Don’t scream or I’ll snap your neck.”

His voice is muffled by a ski mask, making the words even scarier. He turns me and pushes me down to his hips. Under his cargo pants, his dick is rock hard.

He unzips and pulls his dick out so fast I gasp as he lets go of my mouth and brushes the head of his cock across my teeth. He slaps my cheek and says, “Open!”

I immediately oblige, feeling him thrust his big cock into my mouth. Of course, I know it’s Nate, but that doesn’t stop me from biting on him and pushing him away so I can run. Living out my Predator and Prey Fantasy is such a rush!

I’m splashing myself with my own pussy juice as I run in the opposite direction of the campsite. I escape his reach by barely a second, and my pussy throbs. Then, he gets me by the hips and pulls me down to the mossy ground. He’s so strong, so fast! His muscular build turns me on; it’s easy work for him to throw my little frame around. I’m on the forest floor with his hand over my mouth, his dick hard on my leg. He tries to mount me, and I’m kicking, but he finds my wet pussy anyway, wraps his legs over mine to subdue me completely. I feel his thick cock deep inside my pussy and within seconds I am cumming and cumming at the capture, penetration, and domination of me. With my free hand I rip his mask off and see his beautiful face in the moonlight, and he kisses me as he fucks me deeper. I love his tongue in my mouth, I love his dick in my pussy.

“Suck my dick,” he commands. Slowly he slides out of me, and I know he’s doing his best to hold his nut back. How hot we are fucking and moaning in the woods! I suck on him deep, keep my mouth soft and give him more tongue. I love tasting myself on his cock and as I look up, he takes off his shirt and reveals his sculpted body. I suck deeper and harder letting the head of his dick push down my throat.

“Stand up and hold that tree,” he orders. He pulls me to my feet and leans me over so he can stuff me from behind while my hands hold firm on the tree. I feel so sexy with my ass up and legs spread, showing him my sweet holes. He fucks me so good! First, he holds my hips, then his hands slide up to my throat. He is dominating my pussy!!—till he finally cums deep inside me, and he pulls me back for a hot kiss as his cock throbs inside me a few seconds longer.

He pulls out and I hear the rustle of his pants. I turn to look at him with lust in my eyes, begging for more, but he smiles, picks up his ski mask, winks, and walks away. My legs are quivering, my heart racing, knowing he’s gonna act like he didn’t just do ALL that! I feel so lucky that I got to live out this fantasy! I stumble around the forest as every cell in my body ripples with pleasure. I locate my dress and put it on as I relish the memory of Nate’s touch.

Holding onto every moment, every rush, every touch ...!

Right as I get to the glow of the campfire, his thick, ropey cum drips down my leg. “Good night, friends,” I say, feigning a yawn.

I quickly slide into my sleeping bag and start masturbating as his cum slips out of me. I rub my clit until I fall asleep, and each time I wake, I cum again as I savor every moment of Nate having his way with me …

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