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THAT Miss Quin Wants YOU to Feel FREE ...

She's been featured in Vice, Hustler, AND Playboy. Respected, well-regarded, & beloved Miss Quin has brought both her love of outlandish fetish & her dedication to honest, heartfelt exploration to PEP Callers.
THAT Miss Quin Wants YOU to Feel FREE ...
Photo by Shanon Palomino Salinas / Unsplash

A free spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve, Miss Quin wants you to feel free to explore yourself & have a laugh—or many!—in the process. She's a woman who can play hard, embody your scandalous stepsister OR your hard-edged Daddy figure. With a background in film as well as live performance, Miss Quin has been creating unique fetish content for well over a decade, & she's beloved as the Face of Clown Fetishism. This past week, we welcomed Quin onto our IG Live, & her clown-loving fans could not stop sending LOVE & gratitude for how she's made them feel secure, safe, & free to express themselves. Mil gracias from us to each & every fan who made that day extra special!

She's been featured in Vice, Hustler, AND Playboy (article archived—she's been at this, recognized & well-regarded, for THAT long!). Miss Quin joined PEP about 2.5 years ago, & she's brought both her love of outlandish fetish & her dedication to honest, heartfelt exploration to PEP Callers. She says it all best herself in this new short essay, from our new In Her Own Words series. Enjoy this thoroughly delicious excerpt:

Get the hot interplay you crave, PEP Lover - You deserve it!

YES, PEP Lover, we have ample NEW Miss Quin content because the April Spotlight LOVES itself a PEP Lady who doesn't resist the lure of clowning around!

Lick the delicious prospect of being someone else ... free from the boundaries of human bondage, free to explore every fetish from a point of view you create & hone!

Miss Quin's callers report back that they experience the kind of freedom she prizes—whether she turns them into her cum slut or relishes a daring sibling incest fantasy.

From footstools to bad boys to cum sluts ... Miss Quin knows how to PLAY.

We heartily invite you to pour another cup or glass of your favorite beverage today & spend time w/ Miss Quin's PEP Portfolio—you'll see new lists, links, & graphics. Take note, PEP Lover, that Miss Quin's special spotlight rate of $109/ 60-min is available on EVERY hour you book with Miss Quin now thru May 1st!

Indulge us, now, as we share w/ you some of our favorite new Miss Quin graphics as well spirited throwback photos she shared w/ us for her Spotlight!

See something new to you that you want to explore? Quin relishes being YOUR gentle introduction to a fresh kink that can rock your world.
Wish you could hear your favorite erotica read to you BY Quin? PEP Lover, you most certainly can! What a glorious way to spend an hour ... hours ... w/ her gorgeous voice in your ear.
Balance is key. Read, fish. Become a clown, play w/ your butt. Find out more when you call Miss Quin—AND CUM TOGETHER!
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Miss Quin is so about the experience of togetherness. If you have felt lonely or isolated in your kink, if you crave phone sex that includes your PEP Lady sharing what turns her on, & includes her own moans & sweet whispers & orgasms, you'll love the experience of building a fantasy world w/ Miss Quin. She loves the free exchange of ideas, free from censorship outside or within. Get free. Call ASAP. PEP Lover, you deserve it.

Dreaming of her next call w/ you ... xo

Psst—wanna hear Miss Quin's voice before you call? Check out her voice sample on her PEP Portfolio Bio tab. Curious about—or already into?!—clown fetish play? Do enjoy her most watched YouTube vid!

Can she take the costume off?! Better question tho: would she want to? xo